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The Problem With Most Turmeric Products


Almost all turmeric and curcumin products that are sold worldwide are grown in one of five countries - India, China, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. In these countries,  the rhizomes are typically harvested and boiled at a high temperature. This alone destroys most of the phenolic compounds which make turmeric so valuable for treating a wide variety of conditions. It is then shipped to China in the hold of large ships where it is processed (under high heat), subjected to chemical treatment and packaged for sale. At this point, it is shipped back to the United States where it distributed and put on shelves until it is sold.


China has a TERRIBLE reputation for adulterated products. Smart consumers are beginning to shy away from the “Made in China” label on dietary supplements. This is evidenced by the September 2016 recall by the FDA of 1 million pounds of turmeric because it had a very high lead content. (A quick Google search will take you right to the FDA’s website for verification). In addition, a study done by Stanford University in late 2019 found high levels of lead in turmeric coming from Bangladesh. 

We know there are exceptions and there are a few companies out there that are trying to provide a quality product. But the curcuminoids which make up the bulk of the beneficial compounds are sensitive to heat and light. And – of course – time takes its toll also.


Growing Turmeric in the United States


All of this naturally got us to wondering why more turmeric is not grown in the United States. After extensive research and experimentation, we found out why – IT IS NOT EASY. The first challenge is that turmeric takes between eight and nine months from the time it is planted until it is ready to harvest. And compounding this problem is the fact that turmeric rhizomes (from which the plants grow) absolutely will NOT sprout until the temperature reaches 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In most parts of the country, this means it is May or June before they even start growing. If you do the math, you see that you cannot start turmeric outside anywhere in the US (except maybe the extreme southern parts) and have it ready to harvest before a potential freeze comes. Hence, the solution is that turmeric must be started in the controlled environment of a greenhouse. This is an expensive and time-consuming process. But there is a BIG payoff – we can then produce turmeric and turmeric products by a process that we control from beginning to end. We will provide you with a certificate that certifies that our turmeric is (1) grown organically, (2) in the United States and (3) processed without high heat or harsh chemicals. We use a proprietary process that we developed that gently extracts the phenolic compounds from the tight grip which turmeric has on it. Our products are then ready for sales immediately. Our turmeric does not cross the ocean, does not get boiled to death and is NEVER adulterated with who-knows-what.


Turmeric is Truly Awesome


Through the process of extensive research and experimentation, we have learned to stand in awe of this plant. Physically, it is a beautiful plant that stands about four feet high with broad, green leaves. It will produce a beautiful flower under the right conditions. And there have been THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, scientific studies which show that turmeric and the compounds which it contains can treat an ever-growing list of diseases and health problems. For a great list of benefits that turmeric provides, click here. And it will help us preserve and improve our health while helping to prevent the plethora of disease which plaque us in this modernized society.

We cannot and do not prescribe turmeric or any other product. However, we do encourage you to do the research yourself. A great source of scientific articles is found at PUBMED which is a service of the US National Library of Medicine® that provides free access to scientific articles or to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) which is part of the National Institutes of Health. Another great source of scientific articles that not many people know about is found by typing in the URL www.scholar.google.com. The search results are all scientific articles. Don’t take our word for it – learn for yourself.



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