About Us

We are fascinated with the power of herbal remedies to help naturally and wholistically alleviate many of the challenges which we face each day. That fascination led us to grow turmeric. And, in the process, we wanted to do it in a responsible and regenerative way. In short, realized that we needed to regenerate our soil.  Our goal is, as J.R.R. Tolkien said in "The Lord of the Rings", "to leave clean earth for others to till".  Now we think of our soil as our best asset - even more than what we grow. Passion is what others say we have - for farming and for producing Americas Best Turmeric. 


We now have thousands of plants growing in the hot Georgia sun. 

Turmeric has an aroma that is dreamy. It's leaves dance in the sun. Science has proven that turmeric leaves contain over 75 essential oils and numerous polyphenols and oils. We add turmeric leaves and ginger to the liquid probiotic cultures that create Georgia Gold products. We like to think of it as a superfood. 

Turmeric rhizomes are harvested into a heritage culture for many weeks. Then they are refrigerated until processed. They stay bright orange and snappy because of the amazing antioxidants produced in the probiotic culture. Our turmeric keeps its life force. It is never degraded with heat or extracted with alcohol, chemicals or CO2 pressure.


We harvest year-round and select vibrant rhizomes to make our products. Our proprietary culture includes probiotics to enhance gut absorption.