About Us

It all began when Diane Taylor, our founder and President, began to experience the magic and wonder of herbs and other plants which were growing around her home in northern Atlanta. She began working to learn more about them and then she began to study and research how she could extract all of the beneficial compounds out of the plants without using harsh chemicals or high temperatures. This put her on an incredible path which led to the development of a process for which she is now seeking a patent.

Phase 2 began when she and Ed moved to south Georgia and discovered what an agricultural powerhouse the area around Thomasville GA truly is. This lead to their wondering if a plant they had grown increasingly intrigued with would grow there. And so they began to experiment with growing turmeric there. Rather than giving all of the details here, our story can be read in detail here.


Suffice it to say that our experiment with turmeric worked and we now have thousands of plants growing in the hot Georgia sun. 

Since we grow the plants, we are able to harvest the leaves as well as the rhizomes. This lead us to pioneer the use of “whole-plant” products. Scientific studies have proven that turmeric leaves contain an abundance of essential oils and other highly beneficial components. By combining the powerful elements found in the rhizomes with the essential oils found in turmeric leaves, we are able to create a true “superfood”.


When we decided to grow turmeric ourselves, our goal was to grow “America’s Best Turmeric”. We work hard (really hard) to ensure that our soil is teeming with life which it imparts to our plants. We are cooperating with other farms that grow turmeric using dynamic farming. Like us, they grow the best and want the best products to represent what they do. We believe we can bring the “farm to table” concept into reality by eliminating the supply chain.


You have seen shriveled turmeric at your grocer's. It looks that way because that is what happens when turmeric degrades. Our turmeric goes from the farm into our special probiotic blend which protects the turmeric life force. You can get a fresh “snap” that only turmeric from The American Turmeric Company has!


Our turmeric has the highest levels of curcuminoids and essential oils because they are never treated with heat or extracted with alcohols, chemicals or CO2 pressure. Our turmeric is a bright orange color and it has a unique, earthy aroma – its life force.


The inflammatory fighting curcumin which you will find in our turmeric is simply "heads above" the rest. We harvest year-round and select vibrant rhizomes to make our products. Our proprietary culture includes a blend of probiotics to ensure that you will benefit from turmeric at the “gut” level.