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The Addition of Toxic Agents to Turmeric is Common

Did you know the addition of toxic agents to turmeric is common?


Especially in imported turmeric, lead is often added to increase the yellow color of the spice or is a natural result of the soil that the plant is grown in. 


We certify our turmeric to be "lead-free". We provide copies of the lab test reports with every product we ship.

At American Turmeric, our turmeric is grown and processed in America under strict conditions.


Each batch is independently tested to ensure there are no heavy metals like lead. All our products include a QR code on the package that takes you to the lab report for the actual batch you have purchased.


Your safety is important to us! 

Each batch we sell is certified and backed by independent testing. Our turmeric is PURE, POTENT AND PROVEN.

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