YOU FOUND Wild Root Raw Turmeric™.


Why RAW?

  • Raw = Whole rhizome (root) - cold-processed - never heated.

  • Raw = Mother Nature is in it

To learn more about "Why Raw?", click here. 


How will it help me detox?

Wild Root Raw Turmeric™ comes in a 16 oz bottle or 4 oz pouch. Each is designed to provide a single daily drink with 1 oz of turmeric in a fermented ginger drink.  (NIH Clinical Trials. Review the condition you are interested in as listed in the article.  Click here. 

Is your turmeric free of lead and other heavy metals?

We test for all heavy metals such as lead, iron, arsenic, silver, zinc, etc. and we make these tests public. You will find the results of the latest tests here plus we send a copy of the results of our tests with every turmeric product which we ship out. 


How much CURCUMIN is in it?

We consistently show over 5% curcumin which is above the average of 2-4%. 

What else is in turmeric?

Raw Turmeric contains more than 300 naturally occurring compounds. 

How safe is turmeric to take?

Turmeric has been proven safe in hundreds of clinical trials even at high amounts. However, be responsible and do your own research and ask your doctor that uses alternative therapies for advice concerning your health and how turmeric can help you.  

Is there a specific detox or weight loss program I should follow?

No. Our Detox-Diet-Energy drink works well with any program you choose. 


Belly fat is "white fat" and hard to break down.


  • changes the function of white fat turning it into "brown fat" which is healthier fat which breaks down faster.

  • lose weight faster by reversing insulin resistance

  • lowers blood sugar and cholesterol and

  • improves other symptoms linked to obesity. 

To learn more about this topic, click here for the scientific article “Targeting Inflammation-Induced Obesity and Metabolic Diseases by Curcumin and Other Nutraceuticals”. 

Also, click here for "Curcumin and Obesity" (abstract only).


Detox is a natural thing for our bodies to accomplish. It may need some extra help when we are stressed, dieting, overeating, over drinking or asking it to process chemicals that are harmful or that it has difficulty breaking down.

Turmeric can help by:

  • removing toxins from your liver faster than your liver can do it alone,

  • converting alcohol to less damaging chemicals more efficiently, 

  • stimulating anti-oxidant activity to repair damaged tissue,

  • preventing ulcer formation by increasing the production of the antioxidants that reduce the inflammation which allows for repair,

  • has essential oils that reduce lesions and hemorrhage of the stomach wall, 

  • reducing the cancer risk of those who smoke tobacco or vape users, and 

  • taking turmeric at 1,500 mg for 30 days significantly reduced the urinary excretion of mutagens in smokers.

For a really excellent scholarly article on how turmeric/curcumin can help with SO MANY human conditions, click here. (NOTE: Patience required).


Power Up Your Energy


Inflammation is a major cause of fatigue. It interferes with digestion, brain function and overall bodily functions. Turmeric helps because it:

  • reverses damage to the liver by removing toxins, therefore, increases energy,

  • reduces inflammation that causes pain and fatigue,

  • increases brain energy and ability to focus and think clearly,

  • removes fat-soluble toxins out of the deep tissues of the brain,

  • increases the hormones norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin for better sleep and mood,

  • crosses the blood-brain barrier and remove neuro-toxins (Alzheimer's),

  • lowers level of the stress hormone -cortisol, and 

  • is very anti-aging by increasing anti-oxidant levels throughout the body 


For an excellent article on how turmeric reverses the effects of chronic stress on behavior, click here for another exceptional information and really scholarly article.