TURMERIC LEAVES - Organically grown in the USA. The leaves make a very healing tea. Nothing like it. CERTIFIED LEAD-FREE. Perfect combo with Golden Turmeric Powder.

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You will benefit from this UNIQUE way of healing. There are 75 essential oils and polyphenols in turmeric leaves that have their own healing qualities. Most of these compounds and essential oils are NOT contained in the rhizomes.

Our turmeric leaves are grown ORGANICALLY in the USA and processed here also. Nothing artificial about us or our turmeric. And we certify that they are LEAD FREE.

Perfect combination with Golden Turmeric Powder - makes a VERY POWERFUL tea. Add about 1/2 teaspoon of powder to the TEAMERIC tea.

Turmeric leaves are 3 to 4 FEET tall so we chop them up before we send them to you. You can either use them like they are or you can further reduce their size. We add turmeric leaves to our green tea every morning.

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