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Organic and Certified Lead-Free Turmeric

Most turmeric has from 3-5% curcumin. Ours averages 7.5%.

You can trust our powder and fermented powder too to be the purest and most potent you can buy. Raw turmeric has oils given by nature that improve absorption. This is missing in powders. So, we make turmeric oil from our fermented raw turmeric. You can take a few drops with your powder and increase the value of the curcumin you consume.

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Check the Quality of Your Batch with our QRC Labels!

We certify our turmeric to be "lead-free". American Turmeric provides copies of the lab test reports for each batch with every product we ship. 

In 2021, we were proud to introduce QRC labels to our packaging. When you scan the label, it takes you directly to the lab reports associated with your batch.


We believe independent testing and transparency are important for our product that is pure, potent and proven!

Each batch we sell is certified and backed by independent testing. Our turmeric is PURE, POTENT AND PROVEN.

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