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American Turmeric Powder - No Lead - Lab Results Included - 1/2 pound. Now with Discounts - USDA Organically Certified - SAVE BIG!

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Our Turmeric Powder now carries the USDA Organic Certification. In addition, we carefully test ALL of our Turmeric for Heavy Metals and curcumin content. The lab test results of these tests are included with your order. No guessing! Click here. One Tablespoon (approx. 1/2 oz.) of American Turmeric Powder TM contains 500mg. of curcumin

Discover the real powder of turmeric by combining our turmeric powder with either Georgia Gold Raw Probiotic Turmeric Puree or Pourable. All of the natural goodness of raw turmeric PLUS the extra curcumin from the powder.

Your powder tastes great added to your favorite smoothie, tea, juices or Golden Milk recipe.

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