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COMBO SPECIAL - Georgia Gold Turmeric Puree and Turmeric Powder - Now With Discounts - SAVE BIG

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By combining our Lead Free Golden Turmeric Powder with the incredible Georgia Gold Probiotic Pourable TurmericTM, you get all of the naturally occurring compounds from the Georgia GoldTM Probiotic TurmericTM PLUS the additional curcumin which is in the Turmeric Powder.

Order the combo and here is what you get:

  1. One 16 oz pouch of our Georgia Gold Probiotic Pourable TurmericTM
  2. One 8 oz bag of Lead-Free Golden Turmeric Powder.
  3. Lead-free certifications and curcumin content test results.

This is a $65 value if bought separately but you can get it now - ON SALE - for only $54.95 - a $10 saving!

You then combine the Golden Turmeric Powder with Georgia GoldTM on a one-to-one basis. For example, one tablespoon of Golden Turmeric Powder and one tablespoon of Georgia GoldTM. Mix well and refrigerate. Incorporate a minimum of one serving per day into your daily routine.

This powerful combination contains 1,500 mg of curcumin per serving. Curcumin is the principal anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric.

Our Georgia GoldTM products are grown, hand crafted and produced in southern Georgia. It is America's Best turmeric because it has all of the healing compounds that turmeric evolved for its competitive dominance. Our turmeric produces the highest curcumin content because it is grown in soil that is pure and teeming with life and never heated-ever.

Refrigerate for long shelf-life.


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