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Fermented Lead-Free Turmeric Powder - Easier to Absorb - Now with Discounts - USDA Organically Certified - SAVE BIG!

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Fermented Turmeric Powder is easier to digest and is easier for the body to absorb. And it is now USDA Certified Organic!

Our patent-pending fermentation process is plant-based using whole plant turmeric (leaves and roots). It is designed for easy gut absorption of curcumin and the other 269 healing compounds nature puts in turmeric to cure diseases and reduce pain. You know as soon as you open the pouch that this is something different. You will notice a sweet smell that indicates this powder is not your usual powder.

Use it just as you would any turmeric powder only know that you are getting more of the beneficial compounds found in turmeric.

Ingredients: Pure turmeric powder fermented using filtered spring water, our own blend of proprietary probiotics, and Vitamin C preserve freshness.

Learn More - Click on the PDF document below to learn more about the benefits of Fermented Turmeric Powder.

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