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Fermented Raw Probiotic Turmeric Pourable - Raw Turmeric with Probiotics. Now with Discounts - SAVE BIG!

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Our amazing Georgia Gold Probiotic Turmeric has been improved to enhance gut absorption, gut health, and gut immunity. It comes in a 14 oz pouch and contains 8 oz of USA grown turmeric and 8 oz of our proprietary probiotic blend. This blending enhances turmeric's absorption beyond even black pepper or piperine.

Georgia Gold Probiotic Turmeric is hand crafted and produced in southern Georgia. It has the highest curcumin content on the market.

Georgia Gold Raw Probiotic Turmeric is a product you can trust. Every serving contains 9,500 mg of turmeric and 725 mg of curcumin... and over 270 other known beneficial compounds. It keeps refrigerated for many months.

Add it to any smoothie, your favorite juice, yogurt or foods, marinades, salad dressings etc.

Refrigerate for long shelf life.

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