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Raw Fermented Probiotic Turmeric Puree'- 10 oz glass jars. Now with Discounts - SAVE BIG!

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This is the original Georgia GoldProbiotic Turmeric Puree' with 10 oz of turmeric - an increase of 25% over the original 8 oz jar.

Georgia Gold products are grown, hand crafted and produced in southern Georgia. They are America's Most Powerful Turmeric products with the highest curcumin content. They are grown in soil that is teeming with life and then, cold processed.

You can trust Georgia Gold Probiotic Turmeric Puree™ !

Every serving contains almost 1,000 mg of curcumin... and over 270 other known beneficial compounds. Keeps refrigerated for many months.

Add it to smoothies, favorite juices, yogurt or cooled cooked foods, marinades, salad dressings etc..

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