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Turmeric You Can Trust

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Turmeric Plants - Georgia Grown - Now You Can Grow Your Own

Georgia Grown Turmeric Plants. Ready to Plant.
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Now you can grow your own turmeric plants - either inside or out. We will provide you with complete instructions on how to grow this beautiful and very healthful plant. These are OUR rhizomes - grown in naturally enriched soil in South Georgia. We use NOT CHEMICALS AT ALL on them.

PLEASE NOTE: These are plants - not raw rhizomes. These are sold as plants only. Do not order them if you are just looking for rhizomes. We only sell plants. Of course, one day they can provide you with all the turmeric rhizomes you need.

You will get FOUR plants and one "mother" rhizome. The mother is an odd-looking rhizome but it will quickly produce shots and other "finger" rhizomes.

Since turmeric can be planted any time of the year and can "over winter" in most place, now is a good time to start your turmeric plants.

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