Turmeric Powder

Grown & Processed in America · Independently Tested

Increase Absorption with Turmeric Powder and Turmeric Oil

Most turmeric has from 3-5% curcumin. Ours averages 7.5%.

You can trust our powder and fermented powder too to be the purest and most potent you can buy. Raw turmeric has oils given by nature that improve absorption. This is missing in powders. So, we make turmeric oil from our fermented raw turmeric. You can take a few drops with your powder and increase the value of the curcumin you consume.


Our Patent Pending Process Increases Absorption & Freshness

We found a way to keep our turmeric fresh by preserving it with a plant-based fermentation. This also increases the absorption of turmeric's powerful compounds.


Our fermented raw turmeric stays bright orange with an enticing aroma long after you receive it. Our Patent Pending plant-based fermentation process prevents browning.

Each batch we sell is certified and backed by independent testing. Our turmeric is PURE, POTENT AND PROVEN.

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