Wholesale and Contract

 We provide the following turmeric products on a wholesale/contract basis:

  • turmeric powder

  • liquified  turmeric powder through a probiotic fermentation which is  blended with fermented probiotic whole plant turmeric

  • turmeric rhizomes

  • turmeric leaves which have been cured


About Our Turmeric

Our turmeric is the Alleppey variety which is known for its high curcumin content. We are able to show complete traceability of our turmeric back several generations and from our farm to you. We maintain a complete chain of custody from our farm to you. As part of our service, we provide comprehensive Certificates of Analysis showing curcumin content, heavy metal content and microbial studies.

Growing it Mother Nature's Way

We are now accepting orders for 2020.

We sell turmeric wholesale, with a fixed price contract in place at the time of shipping. A letter of intent, without payment, will hold your order until January 20th of 2020. We do not require payment until shipping. You will love our prices and our FREE consulting services. These services will help both you and your customer determine the best way to integrate turmeric into the retail product. 

Wholesale pricing of turmeric has increased every year. However, we will hold whatever price is quoted at the time that you place your order. Our 2020 pricing will be placed on this page on December 1st of 2019. Your price will be adjusted downwards if we drop pricing after your order is placed. 

Our turmeric is organically grown with soil enriched with natures own composts - without chemicals.  We are currently working to obtain our USDA Organically Grown Certification.

Call me about your projected requirements for turmeric.  We know that your customers will appreciate knowing they are consuming "Americas Best Turmeric". Our logo on your products will show your clients that you mean what you say. 

Call or email Diane Taylor.

Phone - 229-636-3022

email - diane@americanturmeric.com