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Mundi, Bo, & Tarra: The Turmeric Hearted Elephants

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Discover the inspiring stories of Bo, Mundi, and Tarra, the three magnificent elephants who have found solace in our  lead-free turmeric.

Their journey to healing is our pride and joy.

Join us in supporting them today!

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How We Got Involved in Helping the Elephants

Bo, the first elephant to come to the refuge, arrived in September 2021. He, like many elephants that lived their lives in captivity, suffered from foot and knee inflammation due to spending most of their llfe on concrete. Within a few days of his arrival, Carol Buckley, Founder of the Elephant Refuge, asked Suzanne Carr, Office Assistant at the Refuge, to find a wholesale turmeric supplier. Suzanne said "I did a Google search and you guys popped up and I could not believe we had someone right here in our backyard.  I called and spoke to Diane (Taylor),  Co-Founder of The American Turmeric Company) and the rest is history." 


It has been our pleasure and privilege to provide turmeric powder to Bo first, then to Tarra when she arrived and now to Mundi, the newest addition. And, as other elephants come, we will continue to support the great work that Carol, Suzanne and the volunteer workers are doing in providing safe and loving environment for the incredible animals. 

Watch News Story About The American Turmeric Company and the Elephant Refuge
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Bo's Story

Bo is a 37 year-old Asian Elephant who spent his life as  a highly valued circus performer. Even though retired, he still loves to entertain.

Mundi's Story

Mundi is an African savanna-born female who spent 35 years in captivity in a small zoo. Since her rescue, she now has hundreds of acres to explore.

Tarra's Story

Carol and Tarra met in 1974 when Tarra was not even a year old and Carol was a 20-year-old college student studying exotic animal training. They have an amazing history together.

You can help support the elephant refuge of north america

When you purchase Tumeric products from The American Turmeric Company, you are helping us support the Elephant Refuge of North America with the same High Quality, Lead-Free Turmeric which we provide to you. The elephants benefit from it - so will you. 

You can donate directly to ERNA by clicking the button below.

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