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Why Buy from The American Turmeric Company?

We are passionate about high-quality turmeric. Our turmeric contains the highest levels of curcumin on the market today and processed to increase its absorbability with our own patent-pending process.

American Grown Turmeric
Pure Turmeric Real Curcumin

#1 It's Certified Lead-Free

Unfortunately, many turmeric products on the market are adulterated with fillers, additives and lead. We believe you deserve to know what's in your turmeric, and we don't expect you to take our word for it. Our turmeric is independently lab tested by a third party and certified lead-free. We are also proud to be a USDA-certified organic product.

#2 Sustainable, small-scale farms

Sustainable farming means soil with structure that allows microbial communities to thrive. Turmeric roots absorb nutrients easily with microbial help.  

We partner with other farmers who are practicing responsible farming in order to bring you the best turmeric available. All the turmeric which we sell is tested by us, processed by us, and overseen by us.

American Turmeric Company
US Grown Turmeric with Real Curcumin
US Grown Turmeric Real Curcumin
Fermented Probiotic Turmeric

#3 Our fermentation process

Our amazing plant-based patent-pending fermentation system keeps our turmeric fresh for months. This also increases the absorption of turmeric's powerful compounds. As an example, we also developed an Oil infusion Technology for our turmeric oil. We take fermented rhizomes and dehydrate them at a low temperature and put them in oils. This ensures that the medicinal compounds in turmeric are preserved.  

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