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Lead-Free, Organic Turmeric  Powder

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Our soil is rich, resulting in a turmeric that produces glowing health.


Turmeric You Can Trust

We certify our products to be of the highest quality and we provide you this proof as lab reports with every product that you receive from us. We are absolutely passionate about turmeric and have seen amazing results from this incredible plant. We want to share the benefits of this miracle plant with you.

Our turmeric powder goes through a rigorous panel of tests before we even think about selling it. We test it for lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals. We also have lab analysis performed to ensure that it is free of harmful microbes. We would never sell you an inferior product - we promise!!


We call it "Georgia Gold" for a reason.

Two Great Choices

You can choose either our Fermented Turmeric Powder or Plain Turmeric Powder. The Fermented Powder has been fermented with a high-antioxidant plant-based medium and is easier to absorb without having to worry about adding black pepper, etc. Our Plain Powder cares a punch also. You just need to be a bit more careful about using it with foods that will help you absorb it. 

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Each batch we sell is certified and backed by independent testing. Our turmeric is PURE, POTENT AND PROVEN.

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