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 Your  Customers Want Safe Turmeric... Now They Can Have It!

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Our customers tell us that our turmeric is more potent and more effective than anything they have used. 

We offer the following products:



  • Certified FREE of  Heavy Metals - including Lead and  Pathogens.

  • Whether for Human Consumption or Animal  Consumption, you can count on our turmeric to be clean and pure. You can use it with confidence.

  • Minimum Order Quantity - 20 kg (55 lbs). Shipping paid by buyer for less than a full pallet - 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs).



  • Our Turmeric is fermented, bagged, and shipped from our facility.

  • Our unique Probiotic Fermentation improves GUT health

  • Dehydrated under110 F. . 

  • Minimum Order Quantity - 20 kg (55 lbs). Shipping paid by buyer.

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Fermented Turmeric Oil

  •  We harvest  Raw Turmeric Roots that are cut fresh, fermented, and dehydrated under 110 F.   At low temperatures, Turmeric oil gently diffuses into cold-pressed oils. Diffusion captures the great diversity of oils.

  • Science shows that curcumin is absorbed as much as 48 times when turmeric oils are consumed.

  • Minimum Order Quantity -   Negotiable.

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Specialty Customized Blends

  • We will blend our Turmeric with your choice of other antioxidant powders and ingredients.

  • We offer FREE consulting to assist you with decisions.

  • Examples are Fruit and Veggie  Powders, Ginger Powder, Psyllium Powder, Powdered  Herbs, Kefir, etc. (We can provide you with Kefir Powder)

  • We will send a quote for blending turmeric with other ingredients.

  • Minimum Order Quantity - 20 kg (55 lbs). Shipping paid by buyer.

fermented super food topper

Organic Fermentd Powders of Bueberry, Pumpkin, Beet, Turmeric, Ginger and Glucosamine and Kefir Grains.
Add to your dog's regular meal to provide an array of Probiotics, Enzymes, Minerals and Nutrients.

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Turmeric Growers Group

We were the leaders in forming the first Turmeric Growers Group in the United States. As our business grew and as the demand for quality turmeric increased, we wanted to ensure that we had a good, trustworthy source of turmeric in addition to our own turmeric. We have worked with universities in two states to help them educate small farmers on how to grow turmeric according to our standards of PROVEN-PURE-POTENT.  It has been a remarkable journey as we have seen much success.

We now are able to turn to members of our grower's group to help us meet the growing demand for turmeric. But whether the turmeric comes from our fields or a partner's field, the standards are the same - organically grown, rigorously tested, and completely pure.

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Image by Vincent van Zalinge

 "America's Most Healing Turmeric"  - Will Increase Your Sales

Whether You Are Sourcing For Humans or Human's Best Friend, We Have You Covered. 

Hope we hear from you soon

- Diane Taylor


The American Turmeric Company, Inc.

Please complete the Contact Form below or email us at and let us know what your requirements are. We are looking forward to serving you.

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