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American Turmeric

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It began with our family and a passion for nature's powerful life-giving properties

Our Story

"Our family is passionate about working together to grow and make  " America's Most Healing Turmeric". We respect  what nature made."


The Taylors began The American Turmeric Company after they learned how to gently coax the miracle compounds from turmeric. They discovered the ancient wisdom of fermentation techniques that released turmeric's healing potential when it is combined with specific herbs. No chemicals or heat are needed. When modern fermentation is used this time-proven technique makes it possible to enhance and preserve the amazing potency of turmeric.

When their first farm was full of turmeric plants, they ate fermented turmeric daily. It was snappy, orange, and bitter. After a few months, something happened quietly. Diane's pain from gout was gone. Medication was stopped. Family members who suffered from the same condition soon received turmeric and had the same results. They learned that an enzyme in turmeric stops the build-up of uric acid which caused gout. This one event led them into a very serious investigation of turmeric’s plant physiology and biochemistry.  

Turmeric's potent compounds are better absorbed when fermented. 

Many ferments landed on the ceiling before they learned how to design a system that controlled turmeric's power.  Since turmeric has potency in its fibers, they experimented until they had a ferment that would reduce the fibers and release turmeric's potency. Fermentation produces probiotics that build the gut microbiome which initiates turmeric's delivery throughout the body.


Growing great turmeric begins in the soil. We learned how to develop a very rich soil that teems with microbial life. This is a BIG step beyond Organic.

Our turmeric is grown on small-scale sustainable farms in America.



We test, inspect and package each bag or bottle individually to ensure freshness, purity and safety. 

Our amazing plant-based patent pending fermentation system keeps our turmeric fresh for months. This also increases the absorption of turmeric's powerful compounds.

To make sure you have the best turmeric—we developed an Oil Infusion Technology to ensure that you have many medicinal compounds attached to the oils in turmeric such as curcumin that are lost with heating.  

Our whole root turmeric and our turmeric  powders are higher in real nature-made curcumin than other turmeric.

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