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Fermented Turmeric Essential Oils With Curcumin Plus - Elevate Your Wellness Routine - Now Enhanced to FIght Inflammation

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Take your turmeric experience to a whole new level!

Our extraordinary Fermented Turmeric Essential Oils with Curcumin Plus is here to boost your immune system and radically transform your skin and hair.

At our company, we're always striving to enhance our turmeric offerings and unlock their maximum potential. Regular Turmeric oil is a potent anti-inflammatory with antioxidant properties, making it a go-to ingredient in skincare products.

But we didn't want to settle for "good enough".

When a beloved family member faced the challenges of psoriasis, we knew it was time to take things up a notch and make our Turmeric Oil even more powerful.

So we created our Fermented Turmeric Essential Oils with Curcumin – a game-changer in the world of skincare.

This extraordinary product contains an increased amount of curcumin, which makes it ultra-effective. It's exceptional at reducing inflammation and protecting your skin from oxidative damage, both inside and out. It offers additional pain relief for those dealing with skin complications while minimizing breakouts, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

You’re not just embracing a powerful solution for your skincare, you’re also reaping the benefits of well-being. Our Fermented Turmeric Essential Oils with Curcumin Plus is an effective pain therapy alternative for osteoarthritic joints and muscle pain and can potentially disrupt the growth of cancer cells.

Regular use can stimulate brain-cell regeneration and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, helping you find your inner balance.

Let your body shine with newfound vitality and say hello to a radiant, rejuvenated you.

How to Use:

Our easy-to-use Fermented Turmeric Oil can be applied directly to the skin and any trouble areas. Apply directly onto patches of psoriasis, inflammation, or other areas of breakouts as soon as you notice inflammation in order to shorten the length of irritation you experience.

It’s important to note that curcumin is extremely powerful and may cause yellowing of the skin in application areas. This is entirely normal and nothing to be concerned with.

You can also include a few drops of our Fermented Turmeric Essential Oils with Curcumin Plus to any daily drink or use it along with our powdered options.


Our American Turmeric Oil is made from pure turmeric that’s USDA Organic Certified.

  • What Are Some of the Benefits Of Using Turmeric Essential Oils With Curcumin? Studies From The National Institutes OfHealth (NIH) Report That Curcumin:

    • Provides Pain Therapy for Osteoarthritic Joints and Muscle Pain
    • Is absorbed much more efficiently with Turmeric Oils - as much as 48 times better absorption.
    • Can disrupt the growth of cancer cells.
    • Stimulates brain-cell regeneration.
    • Reduces symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
    • Stops skin eruptions by stopping pathways that cause them!
    • Stops skin inflammation, eruptions, and PAIN from Psoriasis, Eczema, etc.
    • Reduces pain by changing molecular pathways that cause inflammation and oxidative stress
  • How Can I Use Fermented Turmeric Essential Oils With Curcumin On My Skin?

Our products can be used directly on the skin. (NOTE: Curcumin is an extremely powerful compound and may cause some yellowish on your skin. This lets you know that it contains curcumin:

  • Apply the oils daily in troubled areas.
  • Using it daily will deliver clear new skin in a few days or less
  • For psoriasis or other skin conditions, apply the oils as soon as the skin begins to inflame. This will interrupt the severity of an outbreak!
  • For daily use, use the dropper to put a few drops in the palm of your hand and, with the fingers of the other hand, apply to your face or other areas that need attention..

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