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SPECIAL CAPSULE COMBINATION -Fermented Turmeric Capsules and Fermented Turmeric Oil - Perfect Together

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Product Details
Brand: Georgia Gold

The ultimate turmeric tag team.

When Turmeric Powder and Turmeric Oil join forces, they create a winning combination that enhances the absorption of curcumin, the superstar compound in turmeric. This means your body can absorb and utilize more of its fantastic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers.

Better absorptions means better results.

By using both Turmeric Powder and Turmeric Oil, you're getting a double dose of turmeric's goodness. They work hand in hand to provide comprehensive support for your immune system, joint health, brain function, and overall vitality.

Incorporating them into your daily routine is as easy as mixing them into your smoothies or stirring them into your favorite recipes. You can even combine them into your morning coffee! Our oil can be ingested or used topically for added skincare benefits.

Together, they support your holistic wellness journey, nurturing your body and mind with their incredible benefits.

How to Use:

We suggest incorporating both of these products into your daily routine for the best benefits. Turmeric powder and oil can be used in the kitchen to cook everything from soup to stir-fry. Blending them into smoothies and beverages can offer an easy way to boost their benefits with minimal effort.

Our oil can also be used topically for added skincare benefits and reduces redness and inflammation.


We use Georgia Gold™ Raw Fermented Turmeric Roots with 75 essential oils, curcuminoids, and oleo-resins that are infused into Cold Pressed Organic Oils (Almond, Grapeseed, Evening Primrose, Hemp) with Vitamin E added before bottling.

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