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SPECIAL POWDER COMBINATION -Turmeric Powder and Fermented Turmeric Oil

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Brand: Georgia Gold

This is a strong team - our LEAD-FREE Turmeric Powder PLUS the extra essential oils and curcumin in the Fermented Turmeric Oil. (See attached document about the power of Fermented Turmeric Oil)

We recommend taking the Turmeric Powder with food and then taking the Fermented Turmeric Oil either at the same time or later in the day.


Our Georgia Gold Fermented Turmeric Oil dramatically increases the therapeutic power of turmeric by capturing the essential oils and other therapeutic compounds in whole turmeric, including the all-important curcumin. Our Fermented Turmeric Oil Extract can be used in conjunction with our turmeric powder or by itself in your smoothies or other drinks.

Turmeric powder is easy to use and easy to store but when raw turmeric is turned into powder, the process used removes some of the oils. The oils in turmeric are necessary to assist the gut absorption of curcumin, etc. Research reports that the oils in turmeric “magnify the absorption of the curcumin in turmeric powder up to 48 times”.

For this reason, we developed Georgia Gold Turmeric Oil Extract so we can assist our customers that buy our powders to magnify the absorption of the therapeutic compounds in turmeric powder and the naturally occurring oils which have been lost.

Georgia Gold™ Turmeric Oil Extract is made from our Naturally Organic Raw Fermented Turmeric Roots and organic oils. Our roots are cool air-dried after being fermented– then infused into organic carrier oils. They are never heated – so they retain the full spectrum of essential oils, oleo-resins, curcumin, curcuminoids, and many other compounds which magnify the healing power of turmeric.

Ingredients: We use Georgia Gold™ Raw Fermented Turmeric Roots (with 75 essential oils, curcuminoids and oleo-resins) infused into Cold Pressed Organic Oils (Almond, Grapeseed, Evening Primrose, Hemp) with Vitamin E added before bottling.

Uses: Add it to your turmeric powder or to foods you take with your turmeric powder. It is therapeutic on the skin also.

Click here for more information about our Fermented Turmeric Oil and its benefits.

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