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Fermented Turmeric Powder Capsules - Lead-Free - 120 capsules - 60-day supply

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Product Details

100% Pure Fermented Turmeric Powder. Lead-Free. USDA Certified Organic. Non-GMO, vegetable. Fermented turmeric in the convenience of vegetable capsules.

We used our patent-pending fermentation process to create the immune system-boosting fermented turmeric powder which is now available in a convenient capsule form. It is designed for easy gut absorption of curcumin and the other 269 healing compounds that nature puts in turmeric to boost your immune system as well as to reduce pain and alleviate many health concerns.

By using fermented turmeric instead of regular non-fermented turmeric, you mimic your own digestive process to unlock turmeric’s beneficial compounds. This improves turmeric’s bioavailability and makes it easier for it to be absorbed – a real plus if your digestion or gut health isn’t up to par

Suggested Dosage: Minimum of 2 capsules per day with meal.

Certified to be: Organic, Non-GMO, Pure Turmeric, Lead-Free.

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