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America's Most healing turmeric

Our Difference Makes The Difference

America's Best Turmeric

We grow turmeric and ferment our rhizomes year round. Fermented powders and fermented Turmeric Essential Oils guarantee a higher absorption of Curcumin.

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Elephants Benefit From Turmeric 

Providing Turmeric To Elephants

The 850-acre Elephant Refuge of North America is literally in our backyard in South Georgia. it now has three rescue elephants. Their third one just arrived.

It has been our privilege and pleasure to donate turmeric powder to them every month to help them recover from a lifetime of being confined to concrete cages and an unhealthy lifestyle. They are now free to be the elephants they were born to be.

Watch the news broadcast. It is a fascinating story.

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As Consumers of Health Products... You Deserve Proof of Purity & Potency..

You deserve turmeric that you see is tested by independent labs.  -certified so you can see test results to be Pure and Potent. Our Turmeric with  Turmeric Essential Oils added are reported by science to be absorbed easily.  These    "miracle" compounds are grown and preserved for you.

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Unlock Your Health


Fermented Lead-Free Turmeric Powder


American Turmeric | Lead-Free Organic Turmeric Powder

I have taken Rx for 12 years for my psoriasis.  I did not know that the side effects would be such a problem. Both pain and skin eruptions are now being controlled I use Fermented Turmeric and Turmeric Essential OIls. Thank you for real Turmeric and Curcumin.  

Jenene L. Orlando Florida

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