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Curcumin: The Heart of Turmeric's Potency

Enhanced Recovery with Immune
System Support and Pain and
Inflammation Therapy

Our Products are Third-Party Tested to Ensure Quality, Purity and Potency. And our Curcumin is Natural - Not Synthetic.

CurcumaMAX Powder
organic turmeric

Fermented Turmeric Powder Capsules
organic turmeric

Fermented for Better Absorption


Fermented Turmeric Oil
organic turmeric

Strength and Convenience


Fermented Turmeric Powder
organic turmeric

Enjoy the power of fermentation


Probiotic Turmeric Puree
organic turmeric

Real Georgia Grown Turmeric


Lead-Free Turmeric Powder
organic turmeric

Unlock the true potential of turmeric!


Ginger Powder
organic turmeric

The convenience of capsules!


Heading 5

Research has documented that turmeric with its naturally occurring curcumin is easily absorbed when combined with food. This is how it has been taken for thousands of years. Curcumin works synergistically with the other compounds in turmeric and should not be taken in isolation.

Learn How Curcumin 
Can Benefit You

Our Fermentation Process was designed to help
your body easily absob and use curmunin.

organic turmeric process

Powerful Antioxidants

Curcumin neutralizes free radicals that cause damage and enhances the body's own antioxidant scavanging abilities.

organic turmeric process

Anti-Cancer Properties

Studies have shown that turmeric can actually kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of new ones. It cab also help lower cholesterol.

organic turmeric process

Improves Gut Microbiome

Curcumin helps to balance the gut microbiome and promotes healthy microbes. This affects our metabolism and immune system.

organic turmeric process

Promotes Heart Health

Early studies suggest that turmeric may help prevent atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque that can block arteries.

organic turmeric process

Fights Inflammation

Curcumin is well known for it's ability reduce inflammation and help restore muscles and tendens back to health

organic turmeric process

Supports Brain Function

There is growing scientific evidence that curcumin can prevent or delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.

georgia gold turmeric

Unlock your health

Nature's harmony is at the core of our brand's mission. We deeply appreciate the interconnectedness of natural processes, and we believe in the power of these processes to enhance the healing potential of turmeric and curcumin.

turmeric brand

As Consumers of Health Products... You Deserve Proof of Purity & Potency..

You deserve turmeric that you see is tested by independent labs and certified so you can see test results to be Pure and Potent. Our Turmeric with  Turmeric Essential Oils added are reported by science to be absorbed easily.  These    "miracle" compounds are grown and preserved for you.

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