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Fermented Turmeric- America's Most Healing Turmeric


Experience the Fusion of Ancient Wisdom and Natural Healing in Every Product

Wellness Re-Imagined: The Holistic Power of Turmeric

Join us in a journey where wellness transcends physical health. Our 'CurcumaMAX' range is a testament to the balance and harmony that nature can bring to your wellbeing and health. Grown on micro farms, processed in small batches and independently tested. Our unique fermentation process ensures that the natural curcumin in our products will be readily available. Made to help you to embrace a holistic lifestyle and reach your highest potential.

Pure Harmony: ​Nature's Essence, Holistic Wisdom
Pure, Proven, Potent
Thai herbs

We certify that our turmeric is free of lead, other heavy metals, chemicals, and contaminants. We use independent, certified laboratories to test the purity of our turmeric. Test results are shared with you.

Thai herbs

Turmeric has hundreds of medicinal chemicals that make it incredibly healing. Its most notable benefit is as an anti-inflammatory. Turmeric fights off disease and restores the gut microbiome.

Thai herbs

Our potent fermented turmeric are higher in real nature-made curcumin than other turmeric, ensuring you get the most effective, concentrated turmeric benefits. We pride ourselves in using the whole root, never extracts.

Thai herbs

By incorporating our turmeric into your daily routine, you're choosing a path of holistic well-being. Harnessing the power of nature to rejuvenate and protect your health, by using the whole root.


Step into a realm where each of our offerings is more than just a health enhancer; it's a testament to the harmonious blend of nature's finest with scientific precision. Our 'CurcumaMAX' range delivers not just health benefits, but a journey towards empowered, natural healing


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First priority for me besides the fact that turmeric is potently anti-inflammatory and full of health benefits, is that it's pure--as in certified organic, third-party tested and lead-free--grown and produced right here in our beloved USA.


I am so grateful for all your healthy lead free turmeric products. It is sad when people try to eat healthy, but unknowingly buy foods/supplements containing heavy metals like lead. I mix turmeric, ginger, cumin, black pepper, olive oil and a tiny bit of honey into a sauce for veggies. Yum. I eat it daily.


I was looking for Turmeric grown and processed in USA, and have been very pleased with the American Turmeric Company. I use the fermented powder in all recipes calling for turmeric and for making a nighttime turmeric beverage with hot milk, honey and black pepper. I really love the turmeric puree and use it as a healthy condiment.


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